I love yellow, oh and with the wood <3 !!

I love yellow, oh and with the wood <3 !!

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she said “I dated a boy for a long time who I wasn’t confident being myself with; then I met the man who made me feel confident in myself.

He treated me like a lady, loved the silly things i said, laughed at the embarrassing things i did, and held me like he didn’t ever want to let go. i was smitten by this gentleman from the very first night. simple country boy, getting through school eager to get back to the small town way of life he’d known; i couldn’t have asked for a better man to sweep me off my feet. he brought me back to my roots with his conservative yet curious character. i met him just a couple months before i was to leave. the perfect man at the most imperfect time. we’ve tried a little to talk and stay in each others lives, but it never lasts long. weve seen each other a time or two. i live for those times with him. i really do. i believe in God and His beautiful work. i know His timing is much more perfect than anything i could come up with myself. I pray that everyday i have faith in my Father and trust the everlasting love and commitment He has made to me.

maybe this man will be the one, not just the one that got away”.

too perfectly color coordinated &lt;3 yess

too perfectly color coordinated <3 yess

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“I’ve never cried writing a song, and I don’t know that I ever will again. After we wrote it, Blake said he couldn’t record this song for himself or sing it on stage every night but he would be honored for me to. ‘Over You’ is one of the most special song I’ll ever be a part of.”

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// Trusting God//

remembering He has a plan that is so much greater than anything I could ever imagine for my life is inspiring. His timing, no matter how inconvenient it may seem at times always finds a way to fit perfectly in the end <3

the beauty of my home &lt;3

the beauty of my home <3